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This is Macedonia Church's Mobile Streaming Page
Live broadcasts are available for viewing every Saturday at 11:00 ET
Interact on Twitter by with #macedoniasdac

 We are now looking for 100 YouTubers to subscribe to our channel so we can qualify for our own custom YouTube address. 
CLICK HERE to go directly to our YouTube streaming channel.

NOTE: It may be necessary to refresh your browser if you arrive at the page before the live stream begins. Feel free to post comments and interact with other viewers and our production crew using YouTube chat. 


VIEWING TIPS: If the video or audio is not smooth, it may be due to your internet connection. If you are accessing wirelessly from a home router, try relocating your router or moving closer to it. Wired connections are preferred, as they are generally faster and more stable.  To increase your device's processing power, close other programs, tabs, or windows that are running concurrently. Resizing the video to a smaller screen size may help. Occasionally it may become necessary to defragment  your hard drive or even to install more RAM if the computer is old. More tips to correct poor playback can be found here.